Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Splash Of Color: Face Off



While Aishwarya paired hers with a printed dress, Simone wore hers with an all black ensemble that made the shoes pop! Which worked and which didn't? My vote goes to Simone.



Anonymous said...

Both are freinds, so I will try and be as unbiased as possible and say both are beautiful, but Simone outfit (she loves clothes), is taking the look a bit far, as it has a very unflattering fit. So which is why Ash wins.

Anonymous said...

aish sometimes dresses so schoolgirlishly...her outfit gets my vote here, but i would prefer it on te younger lot

sherry said...

i have always loved red shoes with a black n' white attire so ash gets a thumbs up. even though simone's black dress brings out the red in those shoes your eyes just can't seem to leave that ill-fitted balloon dress. also, she should be careful to bring attention to shoes that look a size too big.

Anonymous said...

Ash looks plain and boring. It is what a school girl would wear. No pizzaz. That woman definately has no eye for fashion.

Who is Simone and why is she wearing that wrinkly ill fitting balloon dress? Her shoes are also two sizes too large. But atleast she tried.

This round goes not neither one. The jury delacres this round a mistrial!