Friday, May 2, 2008

Tolani Scarves

Have been spotting a lot of Tolani scarves lately on the Hollywood young...

Alka Tolani's label uses various Indian inspirations but with a strong modern, western spin that gives it its contemporary appearance and makes it a current steaming favorite. Tolani's honeycomb scarf (on Jessica Alba below) has now become instantly recognizable and sells like hot cakes...

For me, its a little reminiscent of the Missoni weave...but still liking it...

Jessica Alba

Rachel Bilson

Mary-Kate Olsen

Lindsay Lohan

Buy The Tolani Honeycomb Scarf Via Kitson

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confuseD said...

they look nice but very missoni-esq.. esp. lilo's

Anonymous said...

how much are they?
and admins please post more on jessica alba,kareena and preity if possible