Sunday, April 27, 2008

That Pose Of Hers..

I can see how when you carry a clutch, you might keep it in front of you and look like you are flaunting it, but, this pose of Anupama just cracks me up! It's sooo.. "Look at me, I have a Choo bag" pose!

Next time, hang it on the arm, darling!

Zee Cine Awards 2008

Lakme Fashion Week


Priyanka D said...

Lol. Agree completely.
But I didn't register the pose in the first pic. The bling literally blinded me!

Anonymous said...

both hideous dresses, on a lovely woman, gotta keep the Choo in front to take away from the grotesque outfits.

Rashmi said...

ha ha you're right Payal.

Anonymous said...

oh she is absolutely ugly woman.. and on top of it.. cheesy clothes and posing.. disappear please