Monday, May 5, 2008

Animal Print - Two Ways

Raveena wore a boring top and a even ghastlier bag at a recent event while Jacqueline Fernandez went totally chic and teemed her dress with animal print pumps... The animal print that did nothing for Raveena's cause, totally elevated Jacqueline's outfit to a whole other chic level....

Jacqueline Fernandez

Raveena Tandon



Anonymous said...

Finally, a gr8 way to wear animal print...the pumps look too cute and naughty with the black dress.

sabrina said...

raveena no doubt has shed a lot of weight..shes looking really nice

Anonymous said...

animal print is too dangerous to meddle with...unless ur a full pro! lol i just bought this full animal print dress. it's HIDEOUS! but for my friend's fancy dress, i'm going as Pebbles, from the Flintstones...hehe

so i guess thats a reasonable excuse...but i may just end up chucking it in the bin. it was only $7!