Sunday, May 4, 2008

Too Much Of A Good Thing?

Yup, we know Hrithik's got a smokin' bod and a lil' eye-candy never hurt anyone, but when getting styled identically for two different covers, someone should've spoken up! Either the stylists didn't realize or turned a blind eye for the greater interest ;)

But what's Mr. Roshan's excuse, he was there at both places wasn't he?!?

Oh, why complain!!!

For Vogue Man

For Filmfare

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Priyanka D said...

Ummm. Sorry, but can't see past Hrithik to actually analyse the identical-ness.
But like you said, why complain??

Pitu said...

Delish! Suzanne's a lucky gal :-)

Rashmi said...

the ever dashing hrithik never ceases to mesmerize...hunka hunka burnin'

He should've at least made the photog and editors aware about the previous shoot...I heard that nowadays with the cool tech gadgets, the stars and photographers and magazine people can choose whatever picture they want on print right after taking the pictures so if that was the case then they should've known better.

anyway, i'm not complaining either but am running to the indian store to get myself a copy of these mags...oh can't wait!

Anonymous said...

i once saw hrithik at a big awards function in london. he had so many bodyguards around him i couldn't get close but he had such an incredible aura. i've seen famous people before but this is the only time i felt i was in the presence of a star.


Anonymous said...

Heh, can't complain at all! :-D


Anonymous said...

well for hrithiks defence...they aren't sooo identical! i mean vogue is him cleaned up a bit, whilst filmfare is goin for the carefree or wateva it is look.

man i aint complainin either! DELISH!

Anonymous said...

greek god ya