Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Two Sided Story

She (Jacqueline Fernandez) first went totally OTT with that crazy, funky and loud orange dress at the 'Hello' magazine party. And then she surprised us by going elegant and understated, but with the just the right amount of playfulness for a Hotel launch.

Surprised and liking it, we are keeping our eyes out for this one, we are.

At 'Hello' Mag Party

At A Hotel Launch

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Anonymous said...

i like her better in orange outfit.. it's daring.. sexy and she looks amazing.. and orange.. love that color

Sneha Merchant said...

hey u guys didn't mention her Black Cartier Happy Birthday Collection Wallet purse!

Bruce said...

Love her in the black outfit
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Deepal said...

Very sweet outfit,,sexy,,,,

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