Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Question..

So here is something that I found interesting at the Dubai International Fashion Week. Designer Sulafa Filfilan showcased her collection... but what caught my eye was that while she was covered under the hijab, the clothes she showcased were definitely not meant to be worn underneath a hijab..

So my question to all of you out there.. is that.. should she be applauded for being able to design clothes that she(Sulafa) will never get to wear in public or is this some kind of a double standard on her part..?

As for me, I don't care(I am a feminist).. she can do whatever she wants! But, we want to hear from YOU! What do you think?


sravanti said...

I don't quite think its a question of being a feminist or that of being laden with double standards, its just a question of expressing oneself in the creative design aesthetic of their choosing.. when male designers design, are they expected to wear the saris or dresses of their making?

Bollybitch said...

Payal, you're getting it totally wrong here. I live in an Arab country and you have no idea how stylish the local girls and women are under their long flowing black garments, called the 'abaya'. They are quite hip, trendy and i've seen quite a few in minis and tight or revealing clothing under their abayas.

The point of the abaya is exactly that = allowing the girls to wear what they want and feel confident about it, but without exposing themselves to the public. you should seem them at their girls-only parties and get-togethers... Arab girls are some of the trendiest in the world, i can tell you that.

tina said...

its tru tht arabic women have a total modern dress sense...but i dun agree with the fact tht Salafa herslef dresses in the abaya publically while puttin other women in dresses for the world to see...if these dresses are meant to wear privately thn the show shud hav also been held privately..

Payal said...

While I don't expect men to wear sari. I do like that even the heavily drugged Rohit Bal wears his jodhpurs! (all the time)

having grown up in the middle-east, i know exactly what you're talking about!

i guess that's the reason i posted this picture.. Just seemed so odd having her in an abaya while the models are strutting their stuff

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry, but since when is it standard to judge a designer's clothes? most designers don't ever bother dressing up...michael kors for example...they stick to a uniform a lot of the time. it seems a little narrow minded of you to question this collection only because the designer covers up...are you implying it would be better to dress only muslim women? sravanti makes an excellent point. there's nothing odd about her wearing an abaya...i applaud her for thinking outside the box and dressing people who are different from her...fyi muslim girls that wear hijabs play with barbies that wear bikinis. odd, is it?

what a disappointing post.