Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ooh! We are "Mad" About Manish!

Look who we caught wearing Manish's creation yet again!



Anonymous said...

lovely anarkali dress
I as sondering if you can post more dresses.
I have become a fan of your blog.I have checked like 20 times till now whetnwe you have updated any new ones.
I found your website while i googled anarkali dress.
great work
Thanks s lot

Payal said...

glad to have you here too.. u wanted posts about where to buy or just pictures?

Anonymous said...

i live in california
I think both would be great.
my mom said that evyone in india is wearing .She saw one for 10,00 rs and might buy for me.i am so excited.but i had a quick qn I am on heavy side,tall .Would it suit me.Thanks for any suggestion.

suri said...

It's a lovely style and flattering for almost all figures.
Suggestions of where to buy would be appreciated.

suri said...

Actually, the anarkali style kurta that Kareena Kapoor is wearing with jeans is really great (in one of your earlier posts).
Would love to know where to get something similar to that or at least know who designed it.

Payal said...

Anonymous and Suri,
Sorry this is coming so late!

Because of the flowy style of the silhouette and the high waist, the look will look good on everyone. I have yet to see someone look bad in it.

For now there aren't very many places you can buy from out here. Not sure who designed it.

Hina said...

Hi payal, can u post in more pics of anarkali dresses... or mail them to me at hina84@yahoo.com! Thanks!