Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Spring 08 Trend Report

You know that when it comes to trends, we want you to be on top of it and you already know all about the ombré effect, floral influences, and the metallic shimmer... Well, here are some more things that you might want to look out for, come Spring!

Its going to be all about chunky, heavy bangles, return of the 'gladiators' in all avatars, and ladies, sharpen that grip because 'grab-bags' are here!!

Left: Michael Kors
Right: Givenchy

Left: Burberry Prorsum
Right: Chloe

Left: Marc Jacobs
Right: Christian Lacroix

Left: Fendi
Right: Phillip Lim

Left: Balenciaga
Right: Anna Sui



Pri said...

prada has adorable grab bags [kind of like the marc jacobs one here but very colourful] i would link to it if i could find a picture. it is in all of their magazine ads this month.

also i totally saw a shirt at macys today with the ombre effect and i knew what it was thanks to you guys. i was very proud of myself for spotting it.

Priyanka said...

I know the bag you are talking about..

And as far as spotting Ombre...seee.. we educate too, and they think its all superficial!! ;)

yusra said...

ooooo....i luv the marc jacob bag.....its soooo pretty!!..esp the colour..very vibrant among all the black n white..

great work on the article pri