Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Styling It Two Ways, Too Soon!


So, Gauri Khan decided to repeat her outfit, within a span of oh-so-few weeks! At the Dutt book launch (above), she teemed her shirt-dress with denims. And at the FHM magazine launch (below), she decided to work the shirt-dress, in all of its glory, as a dress (but of course!). Why repeat the shirt dress so soon, even when styled differently is beyond me, but luckily for us, she doesn't know we are watching!


What look of hers worked better you think?


Bollybitch said...

neither! for one, she doesn't have great legs to carry off the the shirt dress solo. as for the jeans, i don't know if that faded & rolled up style is in fashion or something, but it doesn't work too well either. and come on - she's Mrs. SRK - surely she can afford more luxe clothing?? something to match that uber-expensive and cool BV clutch she's carrying

Pri said...

She certaily can afford better clothing but hey, there;s no accounting for taste these days!